Simplicity within anyone's reach.

A new way to keep in touch with our four-legged life companions.
WeForPet the new community for pet lovers of any kind.

Integrated chat

Direct messaging is available to every WeForPet user to communicate and interact with anyone in the community.

It's FREE!

WeForPet is completely free!
Create an account to gain access to all functionalities and features!

Post and Share

You can post your own pictures or videos or share other users' posts.


WeForPet will notify you of all relevant info such as when a user starts following you, writes in chat or when a followed user shares a post.


On WeForPet any user can create two profiles for their pets.

Everything is within reach

All features are intuitive and just a click away..
Time is valuable!

How it works

Once you get an account on WeForPet, you will be able to create two profiles for your beloved pets.

Completely social

WeForPet is a complete social network, therefore you will be able to interact with other users by chatting with them, commenting on their posts, or simply by following them.

Post pictures or videos of your pets!

You can post pictures or videos of your pets with your own profile or by using your pets profile.

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The App works on both iOS and Android latest system builds.


If you have an iPhone you can download the App from the Apple Store by looking for WeForPet. Alternatively, use one of the following buttons.


Do you own an Android smartphone? WeForPet is also available on Google Play. What are you waiting for? It's free!

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Feature Image

Creating an account is easy and intuitive, even though singing up is not necessary to gain access the App's basic features.

Unregistered user

You can still get an idea of how WeForPet works by taking a look of some of the community posts.

Registered user

You can freely make use of all WeForPet features, post pictures and videos, chat with other users and so much more!

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Do you own a shelter? Ask WeForPet for a partnership.

Exclusive section

You will be able to post your ads in an exclusive section with pictures and videos.

Find the right owner for your pet and keep in touch with the chat!