If recent scientific research has shown that men love their dogs more than their own kind, a study conducted in Sweden and published in Scientific Reports goes further and emphasizes that those who own a dog at home reduce the risk of death by 33%. Living with a fur friend, then, can really save your life.
The discovery is the result of research conducted by the University of Uppsala on a large sample (over 3.4 million Swedens from 40 to 80 years). Participants were enrolled in the study from 2001, when a law came into force in Sweden that made it mandatory to register dog ownership.
All participants were healthy at the beginning of the study and the researchers monitored their health for over 12 years, recording all the diseases that occurred during the observation period.
It was found that those who owned a dog were at lower risk of death from cardiovascular causes (but also due to other causes). The results are even more prominent for singles: the latter, if owners of a dog, have a 33% lower risk of death than single peers without dogs; and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease of 11%.
Who does not share the house with anyone, in fact, has been found to be potentially more exposed to cardiovascular disease and death for these disorders. In addition, singles with dogs are more open to interacting with other people and making friends when they are away from home in the company of their pet than married couples who go out with their children. And socialization, according to this study, helps prevent stress, the primary cause of heart disease.
"Dog owners generally do more physical activity," explains Tove Fall of Uppsala University. "This
is one of the explanations of why they have a lower risk of death". In particular, owning pets means having to leave the house whatever the weather conditions, conditions that – if bad – often make desist those who do not have animals to put their noses out of their doors.
Among the various dog breeds, in particular, the most "protective" for the health of human friends were found to be hunting, although all types of fur friends help the masters to be ill lessly. Furthermore, those who love to be licked by their pet must not be afraid, because the Swedish researchers point out how this helps to strengthen the immune system.
Source Huffpost